What is LED Sign and how is it diffrent from traditional neon sign?

LED Signs are sufficient to traditional neon as it is brighter, more energy efficient & can use a variety of light effects. Our LED's contain hundreds of little LED's in a silcone shell. Make a superior LED product.


Is My LED Sign safe?

Yes 100% all our signs are low voltage (12v) and all our LED's & wiring are contained within PVC tubing. There is no gas or risk of breakage of glass like traditional neon, our LED Signs produces no heat. Safe to touch, even for kids.


Is my LED Sign easy to install?

Yes, our LED Signs are super easy to install. There are some installation ideas for you -
1. Mount to the wall: 
In the box you will find the installation kit thats tailored to your sign. The pre-drilled holes in the sign are easy to be mounted to your wall. Or for not drilling your wall, we suggest you to use 3M Command Strips which can be easily purchased on Amazon. 
2. Hanging:
It's also possible to hang your sign with the chain included. Just connect the chain to the pre-drilled holes and put it on a nail.


Is my LED Sign dimmable?

Of course! As a default!


How does my LED Sign connects to the power?

All of our signs connect directly into a standard power socket (with plug for each shipping country) and it comes with a 12V transformer. Safe for any country.

How long will my LED Sign last?

Our LED Signs are built to last with a typical lifespan of approximately 45,000 hours constant usage. We use the best LED's on the market ensuring a superior lifespan than our competitors.